China LED Industry Trends Outlook in 2015
Posted: 04/17/2015 01:04:36   Edited: 04/19/2015 10:04:20  Clicks: 1330
For many LED manufacturers, 2014 has been a prosperous and challenging year. Facing the approaching year, below are some outlooks for industry trends to watch out in 2015:

1. LED manufacturers expansion plans depend on government subsidies, China’s MOCVD installation volume remains largest

2. Chinese LED manufacturers market shares grow, big manufacturers become even larger

3.LED lighting clients continue to seek low cost solutions

4.Finding special niche applications to raise profitability

5.Growing automotive LED market value, exterior automotive lighting market showing highest growth

6.Mobile phones become thinner, smartphone backlight LED specs turn towards 0.4t

7.Flash LED usage volume gradually increases in high-end smartphones

8.Declining tablet shipment volume affects backlight LED market value

9.LEDs for TV backlight applications shift towards reducing usage volume and raising color saturation

10.Small pitch display increasing market penetration becomes major growth momentum in display market

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