Application of LED Electronic Display
Posted: 03/28/2014 11:03:05   Edited: 04/19/2015 11:04:46  Clicks: 2560
As the further development of display device and technology, screen display system has been widely used in national economy, LED display as a carrier for displaying information is one of major media.

Application of LED Electronic Display

LED display is composed by using LED lattice module or pixel unit. As computer technology developed,LED digital has the characteristics of high reliability, long life, high cost performance, low using cost, strongly adaptive capacity to environment which can be directly driven without reducing drive, therefore, it has been playing a importance role in the field of flat display. and for a long period of time, there are considerable room for development. So, it widely used in the financial markets, hospitals, stadiums, airports, terminals, stations, highways and other public places for information display and advertising.

In recent years, China's LED display related technology has also been made a fast and great development, Because of early stage LED material and component restriction, LED display applications were not widely expand. The other hand, display control technology basically is a communication control method which objectively affects the display effect. Thus resulting in the early LED displays in the country rarely, product based on double primary color which is green and red, communication control, gray level is single point of four tone gray, high cost. Later, the rapid development of LED display in the nineties, the global information industry is growing rapidly, information technology continue to make breakthroughs in various fields, LED display in the LED materials and control technology has also been the emergence of new results.

The successful development of blue LED lens, full-color LED display to enter the market; the field of computer and microelectronics technology development in the field of display control technology, the video control technology, the screen dynamic display effect of greatly increased. In this stage, LED display in China has developed rapidly, LED display industry turn into a new high-tech industry.

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