Five Reasons for LED’s Bright Prospect
Posted: 02/27/2016 01:02:58   Edited: 02/27/2016 01:02:36  Clicks: 1119
Reviewing the past year, we will all find in this year the LED manufacturers are confronted with gloomy collapse, layoffs and escapes, so enterprises have to depend on each other to struggle through the tough time. People are now speculating about the development trend of LED industry's recession in 2016. Experts predicted that in 2016 the growth of LED industry will come into steady phase,  part of manufacturers will be mergered and eliminated, and the overall market will turn into a comprehensive "red sea" battlefield and in the future, lighting market, even alive, will just struggle to make ends meet. But on the contrary, today we will look at the broad prospects of lamps and lanterns industry with bright future. Let us see through the fog haze and make ourselves get started.
First, lamps and lanterns industry will never be outdated.
Lamps industry will never be outdated and enjoys the broad prospects for development of industry. From kerosene lamps, incandescent lamps to energy-saving lamps and LED lights, we can easily tell that LED lights, are now keeping in pace with the trend. The lamp may be more intelligent, more useful. We need to have a right vision for the future.
Second, lamps and lanterns industry enjoys a lot of consumer groups.
All lamps and lanterns is a popular as well as necessary product. It's not like high-end luxuries such as Louis Vuitton handbags, Chanel perfume and Mercedes Benz, yet it is affordable to all. Ordinary folks can choose the dome light, energy-saving lamps; Rich people can choose LED lamp, crystal lamp, etc. Whether high-grade, middle-grade, or only low-grade light, there will be corresponding light to meet the requirements of different customers. This is a high demand industry and markets are everywhere.
Third, types of lamps and lanterns are all available.
Only outdoor light, landscape lamp and indoor light can be classified into countless series products. As long as the market has demand, the manufacturer can supply. What's more, the lighting product has become more intelligent and integrated, more and more kinds of lamps and lanterns will appear in LED market.
Fourth, cost can be controlled and profit can be increased.
Generally, the cost of enterprises of lamps and lanterns are: raw materials, labor, rent, utilities, etc. These are all controllable, because when orders decreased, we can purchase fewer raw materials and when market suffers downturn, we can make internal macroeconomic regulation and control. But if the products are of good quality and stable demand, we can also provide customers with value-added products. Accordingly, we may as well improve the product price and its profits can be increased.
Fifth, we can stimulate consumption by public praise to expand the market.
For LED products, the guide to customers’ second consumption is very important. After the light is purchased, turning out good quality, there will be second purchase. Old customers will introduce new customers. A good light is usually a good connection between company and customer. As long as the product is of good quality, it will generally lead to twice consumption and fixed consumption. As a result, the lamps and lanterns manufacturer's business will be more and more prosperous.
To crown it all, after analysis, the LED industry is not as gloomy as we have assumed. However the market still enjoys a bright future. So long as lamps and lanterns industry remain committed to the development, the future will be bright. This is why LED manufacturers keep cropping up, and more and more people choose to work in LED industry.

Five Reasons for LED’s Bright Prospect

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