LED Industry Finished Restructuring
Posted: 04/27/2016 05:04:12   Edited: 04/27/2016 05:04:12  Clicks: 988
In economic downturn, some of industry has gone through the tough time, finishing restructuring, so the pattern of the industry has been set and some big company has stood out.

The first reason why some industries have been restructured is fast investment; Secondly, prices have been dropping very obviously in recent years, and price ratio continued to fall; Third, some big companies is the industry have shifted or gone bankruptcy. Fourth, the market share of leading company is rising. LED packing industry seems to be bullish in 2016.
In economic downturn, industry reshuffled more severely. This economic downturn has led to capacity investment accelerating in 2010-2012, especially manufacturing investment, rising by 20% to 30% for three consecutive years. There is no doubt that it has greatly increased the production capacity. Prices continue to decline in 2012-2015 for four years. Part of industry has finished restructuring under the background of stable macroeconomic.
LED packaging industry: Due to the low barrier of LED encapsulation, its investing scale has reached more than 20 million, attracting a lot of capital in the early years of development in the industry, so LED packaging industry has formed a small but scattered pattern. More than a decade ago, the industry is taken by many strong companies, but after the price falling of LED packaging and LED display in 2014 (fell 30%) and 2015 (fell 30% to 50%), a lot of enterprises went bankruptcy and began to transform. So industry mergers and acquisitions increase obviously and the number of big acquisition case has been rising, accounting for more than 73.6%.

LED Industry Finished Restructuring

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