LED Lighting Is Expected to Grow Rapidly in Five Years
Posted: 02/23/2016 05:02:38   Edited: 02/23/2016 05:02:38  Clicks: 1050
GE light bulbs announced his retirement from the energy-saving market in the United States, specializing in LED bulbs. According to the data of Taiwan economic affairs ministry, past five year has witnessed the continuous boom of Taiwan LED industry, more than 3.5 billion Yuan last year (new Taiwanese dollar, similarly hereinafter), growing 45%. Taiwan industry institute even estimates, LED lighting market penetration will reach 32.7% in 2016, at new highs in recent years, showing sweet days will officially come in LED lighting market.
Industry officials point out that the domestic LED lighting is more used in public construction projects, including street lamp or parking lot. What's more, all Taiwan street light will be changed into LED light this year. The gap between general household LED bulbs and energy-saving bulbs are shrinking, and consumers are getting used to it. Industry Ministry this year will also push the LED lighting system integration development, and export to Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia market.
The U.S. department of energy estimates that the price of 10w LED bulbs, will be dropping from $16 in 2013 to less than $10, and by 2020, to $0.5 per thousand lumen of LED components. Its gap with the traditional light bulbs will converge to less than 10%. LED lighting is welcoming sweet days, from 2016 to 2020 LED lighting being expected to grow at a high speed.
The price of a 7-8w LED bulb in Taiwan in recent years has halved to 150-200 Yuan. If you have different brand promotion, bulb price is a less than 100 Yuan. Furthermore, from the promotion of Philips in North America, two 7-8w LED bulbs are about $5, equal to only 75 Taiwanese dollars for each.
Taiwan's statistics office shows that the annual output value of LED bulb or lamp production is about 391 million Yuan in 2009, and then rise to 1.704 billion Yuan in 2014. By the end of November last year, the output value reaches 3.52 billion Yuan, also growing 10 times compared with that of 2009; Although growth rate began to appear negative growth from the second half of last year, the whole growth from January to November has reached 45%, with production growth of 73%.

LED Lighting Is Expected to Grow Rapidly in Five Years

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