LED Lighting Market Has Turned Optimistic
Posted: 01/28/2016 10:01:56   Edited: 01/28/2016 10:01:56  Clicks: 1073
In this year, China's semiconductor lighting industry has become the spotlight among the market. According to the survey, most of the executives keep an optimistic expectation about this year's overall development, meanwhile, 37% of respondents believe that 2016 semiconductor lighting industry in China will keep the growth of between 20% and 30%, with the growth rate same as the previous year; 29% of respondents think the pace will be slower, that means the industrial increasing rate will remain between 10% to 20%; 16% of respondents chose the growth between 30% to 30%; Other, and nearly ten percent of the respondents guess the increasing rate will exceed 50%.
The reason why they keep optimistic expectations is as follows: first, the policy environment has become the main drive of industry at the present. Projects of national positive policy boost the use and promotion of LED products, and meanwhile it also make semiconductor lighting industry in China under the two-wheel drive of market and policy for the continuous power.
Second, over the years, LED industry has invested more in a growing speed. Follow the adjustment of the 2016 investment plan, capital contribution of the semiconductor lighting industry in China will become increasingly rational, highlighting the advantage, which is conducive to further enhance the generalization of competitive power of semiconductor lighting industry in China.
In addition, the LED industry has witness significant increase in sales due to the national policy promotion. The lighting terminal customer began to prepare for the goods, which lead to the blooming prospect. And the upstream chip maker is expected optimistic too.
Some analysis claimed that because of the need of street lamp, commercial and civil market has a strong demand of LED lighting, with about trillion growing every year. On the industrial chain, the most promising is the lighting manufacturers with low price and brand advantage as well as the upstream chip maker.
Industry insiders believe that the LED demand this year will see rehabilitation; civil requirements may have better improvement in the second half of this year to the end of the year, and the industry linkage effect will be further strengthened.

LED Lighting Market Has Turned Optimistic

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