LED Packaging Technique Development
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LED packaging technology is mostly developed based on discrete device packaging technology, but there is a lot of particularity. Under normal circumstances, the discrete device of the tube core is sealed in the packaging, whose main role is to protect the tube core and electrical interconnection. And LED encapsulation is to complete the output electric signal and guarantee tube core normal work.
LED Through-Hole Mount Packaging is the encapsulation structure which was first successfully researched and developed into market. Its number is large and is more mature in technical aspect, whose package structure and reflector continue to improve. Standard LED display industry is considered by most customers the most convenient and economical solution. Typical conventional LED can withstand the 0.1W input power coating, and 90% of the heat is distributed by the cathode pin frame to the PCB, and then send out into the air, therefore, how to reduce the work of pn junction temperature rise must be considered in encapsulation and application.
Surface Mount Device LED
Recent years, SMD LED has become popularity, which well solves the brightness, perspective, flatness, consistency, and other problems. It uses lighter PCB board and reflector material, so it needs less epoxy resin to fill the display reflector. Through reduce the size, lower weight, we can easily cut half the weight of the product and eventually make the application perfect, which is especially suitable for indoor and half outdoor full-color display applications.
COB packaging can encapsulate many chips directly on the metal base printed circuit board MCPCB, cooling directly by substrate which can not only reduce the stents manufacturing process and cost, but also reduce the thermal resistance of heat. From the perspective of cost and application, COB will become the main stream of the future design of lamps and lanterns. COB encapsulated LED modules installed LED chips in the bottom, using multiple chips can not only improve the brightness, but also help to achieve the rational allocation of the LED chip, reducing the input power flow of a single LED chip to ensure high efficiency. And the surface light source can largely expand the encapsulation of the cooling area, which makes it easier for heat conduction to the shell.

LED Packaging Technique Development

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