LED Ten Packaging Techniques
Posted: 08/20/2015 02:08:30   Edited: 03/29/2016 02:03:08  Clicks: 1188
It is predicted that there will be ten trends of LD packaging techniques.
1. Medium power becomes a main packaging method.
Products currently on the market are mostly high power or small power LED products, and although they each have advantages, there are also insurmountable defects. And medium power LED combined with the advantages of both kinds become the mainstream packaging way.
2. New material application in packaging.
Due to the high temperature resistant, UV resistant and low bibulous rate is higher and better environment tolerance, thermosetting material EMC, thermoplastic PCT, modified PPA, ceramic and other materials will be widely used.
3. Chip super current density application.
In the future chips super current density will develop from 350MA/mm to 700MA/mm, or even higher. And chip demand voltage will be lower, which will lead to more smooth VI curve (low calorific value), the ESD and VF.
4. The popularity of COB application.
With low thermal resistance, good light type, no welding, low cost and other advantages, COM application in the future will be widely spread.
5. High requirements for light.
It is mainly for indoor lighting and crystal photoelectricity will take RA80 as a standard and RA90 as the goal, so as to make smooth color of the lighting products close to the curve of plank, so the light can be evenly without glare.
6. The improvement of international and domestic standard.
It is believed that with the accurate development of LED packaging technique, the standard requirements for LED products will be improved too.
7. Integrated packaged light engine will become packaging values.
Integrated packaged light engine will become next research point.
8. Power saving scheme (high pressure LED)
Indoor lighting will pay more attention to quality, and driven by cost factor, power saving scheme may gradually be acceptable product, and high voltage LED fully catered to the scheme, while the chip reliability need to strengthen.
9. Multi-color LED light which is suitable for mood lighting.
Mood lighting will become the core competence of LED light, and in the future the second development of LED will rely on it.
10. The requirements for light effect reduce, and cost performance will be the core of packaging.
The indoor lighting will not be concerned too much about lights, and will pay more attention to the quality of the light. And with the packaging technology improvement, the reducing cost of LED lamps and lanterns will become the power to replace traditional lighting light source.

LED Ten Packaging Techniques

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