LED Tube

LED Tube
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Short Description
 Model No.: GHT5/GHT8    Clicks: 2367
1. Extra long lifespan, >50,000 hours
2. High luminous efficiency: 90-100lm/W
3. Perfect combination of CCL PCB & heat conduct and sink technology
4. Great heat sink, lower working temperature and longer lifespan
5. It uses new area lighting source LED in high heat conduct package
6. Low luminous decay, soft light beams and stroboflash-free 
7. T5 tube is 16mm and T8 tube is 25.4mm in diameter
8. Energy-saving, low working current, high power convert (AC-DC) rate and low working consumption
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LED Tube

Key Specifications / Features
  • It can provide highly efficient and energy-saving lighting solution for the office, shopping mall, school and factory etc.
  • It can be used in house lighting of study room, bed room, parlor and the forth.
   Available Styles:
LED T5 Tubes:
Product Code Power Input Type Voltage Length CCT CRI(Ra) Initial Lumens Base Type
GHT5054D13077BA01 7.7W DC 24V 54.9cm 3000-6000K 70-80 616-693lm G5
GHT5084D13119BA01 11.9W DC 24V 84.9cm 3000-6000K 70-80 952-1071lm G5
GHT5107D13154BA01 15.4W DC 24V 107.5cm 3000-6000K 70-80 1230-1380lm G5
GHT5114D13161BA01 16.1W DC 24V 114.9cm 3000-6000K 70-80 1288-1449lm G5

LED T8 Tubes:
Product Code Power Input Type Voltage Length CCT CRI(Ra) Initial Lumens Base Type
GHT8059D03077BB01 7.7W DC 24V 59cm 3000-6000K 70-80 768-864lm G13
GHT8089D03126BB01 12.6W DC 24V 89cm 3000-6000K 70-80 1152-1296lm G13
GHT8120D03168BB01 16.8W DC 24V 120cm 3000-6000K 70-80 1536-1728lm G13
GHT8150D03210BB01 21W DC 24V 150cm 3000-6000K 70-80 1680-1890lm G13
GHT8059A05078DB01 7.8W AC 100-240V 59cm 3000-6000K 70-80 624-702lm G13
GHT8120A05156BB01 11.2W AC 100-240V 120cm 3000-6000K 70-80 896-1008lm G13
GHT8120A05156BB01 15.6W AC 100-240V 120cm 3000-6000K 70-80 1248-1404lm G13
GHT8150A05228BB01 22.8W AC 100-240V 150cm 3000-6000K 70-80 1824-2052lm G13

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