LED Tunnel Light

LED Tunnel Light
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Short Description
 Model No.: GHTUL    Clicks: 1864
1. Lighting source is provided by imported high brightness LED
2. Extra thick aluminum alloy shell improves product’s durability
3. It is waterproof, explosion-proof, shockproof and better in safety performance
4. It works in the wide range of voltages environment, flexible and convenient
5. Flexible light body frame can be used to adjust lighting direction
6. Tempered glass light lid makes product’s safety performance better
7. Simple fashionable shape, high colloeability
8. Low power consumption, high lighting efficiency, more energy-saving
9. Low carbon-dioxide elimination, environmentally-friendly and economic
10. Light is even, soft, comfortable, natural with low lighting degradation, no radiation, no stroboflash
11. Easy installation, convenient usage, high availability
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LED Tunnel Light

Key Specifications / Features
  • It can directly replace traditional tunnel lights with no need to rearrange wires
  • It can be used in various harsh tunnel environments and can be correspondently adjusted according to different tunnels' conditions
  • It can be used in the lighting of mountain tunnel, undersea etc.

  Available Styles:
Product Code Power Input Type Voltage Size CRI(Ra) Initial Lumens Ingress Protection
GHTUL213006A5280BX01 28W AC 100-277V 215*305*60mm 70/80 2110/2630lm IP65
GHTUL243006A5350BX01 35W AC 100-277V 243*305*60mm 70/80 2640/3290lm IP65
GHTUL273006A5420BX01 42W AC 100-277V 271*305*60mm 70/80 3160/3950lm IP65
GHTUL323006A5560BX01 56W AC 100-277V 327*305*60mm 70/80 4220/5270lm IP65
GHTUL383006A5700BX01 70W AC 100-277V 383*305*60mm 70/80 5280/6590lm IP65
GHTUL433006A5840BX01 84W AC 100-277V 439*305*60mm 70/80 6330/7910lm IP65
GHTUL553006A51120BX01 112W AC 100-277V 551*305*60mm 70/80 8440/10550lm IP65

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