The LED Has Become More Integrated
Posted: 03/25/2016 06:03:35   Edited: 03/25/2016 06:03:35  Clicks: 1092
Exhibition of Guangzhou international LED this year, gh-led found that now the LED display is no longer as before. Rather than with a lot of accessories hiding behind the heavy box wires, it shows its big "beauty". The growing trend of "integrated" not only reduces the volume of each device, at the same time, it also prompted LED display products from engineering to the transition to standardization, generalization. So, will generalization and standardization be the LED display industry development trend of the future? Gh-led holds that an enterprise can increase investment in science and technology to promote display generalization and standardization, but it is hard to make the entire industry realize this trend.
In different markets, the degree of generalization and standardization are different. For the LED display market, the trend has been popular. But in the rental market, some customers need different size of screen, such as surface, unique shape, triangle, etc. These different shapes, different schemes of rental screen for the generalization and standardization increases the difficulty of the industry, but there are still certain trends. For example, 500 * 500 mm or 500 * 500 mm body is the default standard.

At the same time, generalization and standardization can lower the product cost and improve the profits of enterprises and product technology and quality can be at very good control, so the generalization and standardization is LED display company's dream but the dream in the future for a period of time can't not be "reality".
At present the market of LED display is still buyer's market, and LED display products cannot meet the personalized needs of all customers. With the development of the market development and product applications, the personalized needs of customers will not be less and less, but be more and more, so the "customization" still has very big market in the future. Unless our products can have a technical innovation and generalization and standardization production can meet the needs of more than 90% customers, otherwise we will face the market realities.
Apparently, many LED companies agree this trend. But fully realizing it is not easy. However, at present, the LED display industry has a stronger demand for standardized products, and a lot of enterprises have implemented ISO9000 series standards, and LED display industry's internal demand for standardized products is increasingly strong.
Gh-led believe that with the development of technology and market, and the formation of industry norms and standards system, in the LED display industry, the industry enterprise groups, including display, will form a complete set of enterprise group with appropriate classification, and gradually form a kind of standardization production. And the standardization of LED display accessories will greatly promote the popularity of LED display industry. Some poor product manufacturers and technically weak producers will be eliminated by the market and the development of the industry tends to be more orderly.

The LED Has Become More Integrated

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