The Most Promising Industry in the Next Decade
Posted: 05/16/2016 01:05:23   Edited: 05/16/2016 01:05:23  Clicks: 983
Today, information technology is the significant impetus of global socioeconomic development, it is the strategic, fundamental and guiding mainstay industry of national economy, and it also plays an important role in promoting employment, stimulating economic growth, readjusting industrial structure, transforming developing mode and maintaining national security.
According to the analysis of MIN (Ministry of Information Industry), it is a critical period of developing electronic information industry during “the Fifteenth Party”, electronic information industry is still expected to be about twice faster developing than the economic growth, it has a very bright prospects.
Electronic information industry is related to electronic information engineering, communicating engineering, information resistance technique, IE (information engineering), electronic science and technology, electromagnetic field and wireless technology, integrated power design and integrated system, electronic information science and technology, photonics technology science, and so on. In a word, electronic information industry refers to plenty of majors, it is based on engineering programs.
In the next three years, sales proceeds electronic information industry will remain in steady growth, industry development’s contribution to GDP is no less than 0.7 percent, there are more than 1.5 million jobs increased in three years, which has about one million undergraduate obtained employment. Maintain steady growth in foreign trade. Cultivating the new type of electronic information products and related services to become consumption hotspots, information technology application effectively promote the traditional industry transformation, and informationize and industrialization are in further integration.

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