The Reality Behind the Performance of LED Enterprises
Posted: 04/27/2016 05:04:59   Edited: 04/28/2016 01:04:09  Clicks: 975
According to official statistics, the global LED output in 2015(including visible and invisible LED light) has reached $14.325 billion, in an annual recession 3%; among them, the LED chip market has reached $2.02 billion, annual decline 7%, negative growth for the first time; LED packaging market has reached $8.8 billion, only 2% growth. Among them, the number of Chinese manufacturers has grown by 7%, while the number of international manufacturers has fell by 10%.
It is the first time that the output of LED lighting has declined. Why is that? According to the revenue data report of 17 listed enterprises in the first quarter of 2016, we can see the current status of LED industry.
Gross profit margins shrink, while overall performance turns optimistic. After looking at the main product gross margin in 2015 of 13 LED companies, we find that in 2015 the gross margin of encapsulating device declined overall, only one company maintains 0.18% growth. Display, of course, can't escape from falling trend. The gross margin of display product has dropped most severely.
From the business revenue and profit of 17 LED companies, 14 companies have maintained growing revenue, three declined; two of them have more revenue while the same profit. The data shows that the LED backlight industry supplies 22% more than demand in 2015, the imbalance ratio between supply and demand shocks LED backlight industry, leading to price lowering of LED backlight, so part of LED manufacturers with mainstream specifications have also dropped price for more than 40%; Coupled with a strong dollar, many vendors revenue are in a recession.

The Reality Behind the Performance of LED Enterprises

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