Wenzhou Yandang Mountain, Nanxi River Trip In Mid November
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Since 2006, G&H staff  have a trip once a year. We have been to Guanzhai Mountain, Wuyi mountain Guilin, Mount Lu and other tourist attractions. Last year, we  had a good trip in the Yandang Mountain in Wenzhou, Nanxi River tourism.
Yandang Mountain locates on the northeast coast of Wenzhou, Zhejiang. It is one of the 10 Top Famous Mountains in China. In 1982, it was listed initially by the State Council as National Important Scenery Area. Recently, it was successively honored as national “Healthy Mountain, Safe Mountain and Civilized Mountain”, “National Civilized Scenic Spot” “National AAAAA-class Tourist Area” , “National Civilized Scenery Tourist Area Demonstration Site”, “World Geological Park’ and so on. It is the unique international brand in Zhejiang tourism industry at present.
Yangdang Mountain formed 120 million years ago. It is now the most complete, typical rhyolite caldera among the volcanic belt of the Circum-Pacific Continental Margin and is named as “Natural Museum” by geologists at home and abroad. Earlier in Northern Song Dynasty, Yandang Mountain already attracted the dense attention on inspection of Shenkuo, a famous scientist. Since the 1980s, geologists in China and from United Kingdom, America, South Africa, Denmark and other foreign countries came successively to Yandang Mountain for investigation. In 1996, Yandang Mountain was listed as “Scientific Inspection Spot” on the 30th International Geological Congress. In February 2005, it was listed as “World Geological Park” by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Yandang Mountain experienced four phases of volcanic eruption. The eruption time is more ancient than Circum-Pacific-Andean-Volcanic-Belt, Western United States Volcanic Belt and Russian Far East Volcanic Belt. Volcanic eruptions created magnificent and spectacular landscapes of Yandang Mountain. Its relics will be natural window to explore magmatism of Asian Continental Margin structure and deep geological structure, making the Yandang Mountain a worldwide unique famous mountain in China integrating aesthetics of landscape, history and culture as well as nature and science.
Although the park is not so famous as Palace Museum and the Great Wall in China, it is really worthy going because of its beauties. Just a few days, the trip relieve the pressure on staff, enhanced the team spirit.
 Wenzhou Yandang Mountain, Nanxi River Trip In Mid November

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