Six LED Technologies Leading the Future

  • 2022-05-30

It is well known that the LED industry as a green industry, boasts environmental protection, health, energy saving, and many other advantages, but china's LED industry still has a long way to go. Here is the six LED technologies which may lead the future:
First, the chip and the encapsulation have developed rapidly. Photosynthetic efficiency is improving, and flip chip, high voltage chip, COB, EMC, CSP packaging technology are developing. Device products at home and abroad all began to focus on light source module component, especially the IC integration products, system integration, modularization, etc. COB device below 30w is still the mainstream market products, likely to grow significantly in the future.
Second, although the last two years have seen the trend of development of CSP and packages, they finally became popular this year. In addition, phosphors products perform well in this year's market.
Third, EMC devices products are gradually popular. Automotive lighting modularization is developing, and market stability needs to be extended, for example, car headlights and turn signal is a very tempting market cake.
Fourth, intelligent home and commercial lighting solutions become the bestselling of the markets. Intelligent lighting is more and more popular, and it is both trend and challenge. As for the current App lamp control system, different manufacturers have they systems, from light to software, and there is no uniform standard or protocol to connect each other, which is restricting the development.
Fifth, filament lamp becomes more mature. Relying on advanced technology, many enterprises' products have been sold to all over the world, and the sapphire substrate filament has become the main products instead of the old black silk lamp.
Sixth, with more and more application of uv LED light and plant lighting, such as wider use in security, disinfection, etc. These LED niches boasts great market potential, while requiring large-scale application to further mining market opportunities.

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