Technical Points for Producing High Power LED Chip

  • 2022-06-06

To obtain high power LED device, it is necessary to prepare a suitable high-power LED panel light chip. High power LED chip manufacturing methods in the international community are summarized as follows:

1. Increase the size of the light. Through single LED light emitting area and increasing the flow of electricity effectively across TCL, in order to achieve the desired flux. But simply increasing light-emitting area cannot solve this problem, heat problem, and cannot achieve the desired effect and magnetic flux in practical application.


2. Silicon base plate inversion method. First of all, prepare a big chip LED panel lights with a suitable size, use eutectic solder layer and the conductive layer (ultrasonic silk ball joint) on the silicon substrate and the silicon substrate, and then use mobile devices described eutectic solder which are welded together and large size silicon substrate. This structure is more reasonable, which not only considers this problem, but also the light and heat that is the mainstream of high power LED production.


3. Ceramic plate inversion method. Produce the corresponding fuses in the eutectic solder layer and the conductive layer of ceramic plate and ceramic substrates, and use welding equipment of crystal LED chip and large size ceramic thin plate when welding electrodes. This structure is an issue to consider, so is light and heat. The cooling effect of using high thermal conductive ceramic plate and general ceramic plate is very good and is cheaper, which is more suitable for the current basic packaging materials and the space reserved for integrated circuit integration in the future.


4. The sapphire substrate transition method. Grow InGaN chips on sapphire substrate, then connect the traditional quaternary material, and make the structure of the large blue LED chip on the bottom of the electrode through conventional methods.


5. Silicon carbide on the back light methods of AlGaInN. For years AlGaInN/SICA chip architecture continuously improveand increase brightness. Due to the p-type and n-type electrode is individually at the top and bottom of the chip with a single wire bonding, which has good compatibility and usability, thus become another AlGaInNLED in the mainstream product development.


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