Four Aspects of LED Device

  • 2022-06-06

There are some aspects of LED device which customers should know, here we list the most important four aspects for customers to refer:
1. Life
Theoretical service life of the LED devices is 100000 hours, far more than the working life of the other parts. So if device is of quality guarantee, with suitable working current, reasonable PCB thermal design and rigorous display production process, LED display device will be in one of the most durable components. LED devices accounted for 70% of the proportion of LED display price, so the LED device can determine the quality of the LED display. China is a powerful country which produces LED device, and it is also the place where LED displays are manufactured. High requirement of LED technology is the trend of the future. The high technical requirements of the LED display are not only about where the manufacturers would go, but also about the development of LED display manufacturers. We should pay more attention to LED device to transform China from a big LED display country into a powerful LED display country.
2. Attenuation
After working too long, LED display will show brightness drop and inconsistent color. This is mainly because of the brightness drop of LED device. The brightness drop of LED will cause the brightness drop of the whole screen. The inconsistency of red, green and blue LED attenuation will cause the inconsistency of the whole LED display, which refers to the scratched display. High quality LED device can effectively control brightness attenuation amplitude. According to the standard of 1000 hours for 20mA, red attenuation should be less than 2%, and blue and green attenuation should be less than 10%. So the blue and green LED display screen had better not use 20mA current when designed, however it can use 70-80 percent rated current instead. Attenuation is not only associated with the own characteristics of red, green and blue LEDS, it is also related to the using temperature of displays.
3. Size
The size of LED device (namely the resolution) influences LED display pixel distance. 5 mm elliptic lamp is mainly used for P16 outdoor display; 3 mm elliptic lamp is mainly used for outdoor P12.5, P12, P10 display; 3528 SMD LEDs are mainly used for indoor display; P6, P8 type 2020 SMD LED is mainly used for P2, P3 etc indoor display. In the premise of same point spacing, when LED device size increases, the display area will increase too, reducing the grain feeling. But because the black area is reduced, the contrast value will reduce too; On the contrary, when the LED size decreases, the display area will decreases too, and the particles are increased, then the black area and contrast effect will also increase.
4. Consistency
Full-color display screen is made up of thousands of red, green and blue LEDs pixels, the brightness and wavelength of each color LED determine the whole screen brightness consistency, the white balance consistency and color consistency. In general, the manufacturer of display device requires 5 nm wavelength range and 1:1.3 LED brightness range. These indicators can be reached by device manufacturer by sorting out the color and brightness.




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