Techniques of Improving LED Driving Power Efficiency

  • 2022-06-08

This technical article illustrates 8 techniques of improving LED driving power efficiency.

1. Printed circuit board should be short.


2. Optimize the design of the transformer parameters and reduce the eddy-current loss from ringing. It is difficult and you should first know the fundamental knowledge of electromagnetism and design appropriate transformer. The most important is your patience and you should not give up any chances.


3. Appropriate switch elements. This should be balanced between costs and properties. And the switch should be selected according to clients’ requirements, which should also be reasonable. 


4. Input part of the EMI optimization design.


5. Choose highly efficient topology structure. It is the beginning of type selection, such as PWM and QR PFM. And it should be done through the customers’ demand for efficiency.


6. Select a nice electrolytic capacitor; otherwise, it will cause great electrolytic depletion and this often ignored by many people.


7. Start some part of power consumption design. It should be considered under the condition of high efficiency. At present, many chips have HV start scripts and lower and lower start power. It needs more understanding about new equipments. In addition, there is also periphery circuits without damage, which is not suitable for LED from my opinion.


8. Chip auxiliary power supply optimization.

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